WINTER Success Stories

We'd like to take a few moments of your time to introduce you to some of the women WINTER program has helped on their path to creating self sufficiency:

Latasha Thomas completed her pre-apprenticeship with WINTER in 2015. Upon completion of the 10 Week Pre-apprenticeship program she entered the Southwest Carpenters training program. She was indentured into Carpenters Local 630 as an apprentice and gained employment with Prime Contractor Belfour-Beatty. She is now working as a carpenter on a long-term harbor improvement project for the Port of Long Beach.

As a single mother she was homeless but dreamed of gaining financial independence for herself and her child. This job is providing her that opportunity as she has recently secured her own apartment, bought her first new car, and established a savings account. In addition, she now mentors current students at the WINTER program and volunteers time to speak about the importance of teaching women about non-traditional employment.