Rosie the Riveter Youth Program

Mission Statement

WINTER Rosie the Riveter Youth Program helps “at-risk” (“at-promise”) 16-24 years of age, out-of-school youth who have not succeeded in traditional public schools turn their lives around and become socially successful while achieving academic levels necessary for high school graduation and success in registered apprenticeships in the construction and building trades. We are committed to community transformation through education, life skills training, employment training, violence prevention strategies, and family advocacy.

Establish in September 2007, WINTER Rosie the Riveter Youth Programs champions the spirit of progressive education; by providing a rigorous, life skills curriculum, pre-apprenticeship training and standards-based secondary education and the opportunity to experience the world around us.

In addition to core academic classes, we provide a rich elective and innovating program that offer our participants a chance to explore the opportunities that registered apprenticeships, community colleges and other providers offer such as culinary arts and auto repair. In addition participants interested in construction and  public utilities industry will be able to explore these career opportunities. Our participants can “test drive a career” so to speak, and learn about the skills and earning potential these careers offered.  We offer;

Small Class Sizes — all classes are capped at 20 students

Leadeship and community service  learning projects

Trasformative justice and council programs

Pre-apprenticeship job training on construction and building trades and other high-demand careers

Tuition free concurrent enrollment in community colleges to obtain college transfer credits

High School credit retrival

High School Diploma (YouthBuild Charter School of Califonia)

Receive monetary academic and on-the-job training stipends (funding permitted)

Receive free tutoring and one-on-one academic support

Receive violence prevention, mental health and life coping skills classes and services

Apprenticeship and job placement, academic placement and follow -up  

Job training, tutoring, counseling and retention services are provided by professionals and outside organizations that have partnered with our program to provide valuable enrichment opportunities at no cost through weekly classes in the course schedule.

Rosie the Riverter Youth Program is a year-round program and is now accepting applications for the 2014/2015 fiscal year -academic program begins in September of 2014. Enrollment is open to youth regardless of their area of residency location in Southern California.

WINTER Rosie the Riverter Youth Programs are located at :

690 Studebaker Rd., - Long Beach CA 90803 and at

131 N. Grand Street, Building 630 - San Pedro CA 90731.


For further questions on WINTER Rosie the Riveter YouthBuild program please email Ms. Alexandra Torres at or via phone at (213) 749-3970 Ext. 1001