Women In Non Traditional Employment Roles, Inc. (WINTER) was incorporated as an independent nonprofit organization by a group of tradeswomen that wanted to extend opportunities to economically disadvantaged community women. 



Throughout its 20-year history, WINTER has promoted the employment of women in high-wage, high-skill labor markets by working primarily with two sectors:  poverty-level women and youth who need progressive high school education, employment training and related assistance and the employers who might hire them. 



Since then, WINTER has added youth to its growing list of service recipients, as the agency recognizes that preparing young people for viable, well-compensated employment helps give them the confidence they need to realize their general educational goals and stay on a prosocial path.  WINTER has well-established partnerships with employers, unions, and apprenticeship programs, and it is the only organization in Southern California that provides nontraditional employment education to girls and women.


WINTER’s mission is to empower women to achieve economic self-sufficiency.