Executive Director

Alexandra Torres Galancid has served as Executive Director of Women In Non Traditional Employment Roles (WINTER) since 2003. During this time she’s led the transformation of WINTER to become more mission-driven and quality-focused. The agency’s emphasis is now on performing the highest quality work to promote excellence, achieve gender equality, and improve access to high-wage non-traditional jobs for women and youth.

A key to executive director’s Torres Galancid leadership philosophy is her dedication to produce a significant and positive impact, especially for women and their families in the greatest need. Her commitment to assuring equal opportunity for women has resulted in thousand of Los Angeles County women becoming self-sufficient.

Before taking the reins at WINTER, Ms. Torres Galancid directed several city of Los Angeles non-profit organizations, focusing on child abuse and violence prevention programs and women’s health services. With the City of Los Angeles Community Development Department she set up training staff on social services delivery systems at the “one stop community service centers” a model for the “family and youth centers” now operated by the Department. Ms. Torres Galancid participates and makes recommendations to advisory boards and committees at the City, County, State and National level.

You can reach Alexandra via email at