Four reasons to support WINTER!


  1.  Your customers, suppliers and strategic partners are a reflection of Los Angeles population that is 50% female. Supporting an inclusive workforce will help your organization lead in your market.
  2. Your customers are changing and so are their needs and expectations for products and services. A diverse workforce will help you understand, interface, and respond to customer and community needs.
  3. The workforce demographics are changing. To attract top talent, your organization must be the best place to work to ensure your business’s success, and that means marketing and recruiting local community members that are skilled to enter your field.
  4. Your competitive advantage is to become the leader in innovation, creativity, problem solving, and flexibility and you need a 21st century workforce to take you there.

WINTER is the only organization that provides industry specific job training for women and youth in our community. Our pre-apprenticeship program spreads through local and state platforms to increase diversity and inclusion in construction and building trades. We also offer environmental technology and public utilities careers to our participants.