Women In Non Traditional Employment Roles, Inc. (WINTER) is a non-profit economic development agency and a national leader in diversity workforce development and education. WINTER is the only non-traditional employment organization for women and youth serving Southern California since 1996.

The fact remains that women are dramatically underrepresented in areas where employment opportunities are plentiful and wages are livable. Reinforcing the gender equity gap, statistics found by WINTER compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Commission on Working Women, found that 80% of women in the workforce continue to occupy low-wage; low-status, traditionally female positions.

Environmental remediation, infrastructure rebuilding, and green building construction are all fields currently poised for growth. But if women are going to benefit from the growth within these highly technical industries, they must be trained. WINTER fills this mission, not only offering the right training programs and opportunities but also partnering with employers, and registered apprenticeship programs to level the non traditional employment playing field.